Grace Esler

What to Eat in Boston that's NOT Clam Cowder

Grace Esler
What to Eat in Boston that's NOT Clam Cowder

This past weekend I flew out to Boston to attend my sister’s graduation ceremony, but of second most priority I flew out to Boston this weekend to eat my heart out through the fabulous food scene the city has to offer. Everyone knows the Boston food staples, clam chowder, Boston cream pie, and anything else containing seafood straight from the bay. As this wasn’t my family’s first time in the city, we sought out new, exciting restaurants and cafes that go beyond the typical trademark dishes.


We arrived in Boston in the later afternoon ready to eat. Our first stop was at Flour Bakery + Café which is a small café chain exclusively in Boston with 3 different locations. The menu was packed with fresh and innovative sandwiches (which can be turned into salads), baked goods, drinks, and specified gluten free and vegan options.

Pictured below is the grilled artichoke melt with spinach, fontina cheese, Portobello mushroom, and radicchio. After lunch we ordered a few desserts to finish the meal, I recommend the homemade Oreo cookies and the Congo bar which has layers of cookie dough and delicious salted caramel and dark chocolate. With all its homemade baked goods and fresh ingredients, Flour Bakery + Café is a lunch stop not to be missed.


The next morning we headed to my sister’s graduation. While on our walking way to the ceremony we stopped for a quick pick me up at Pavement Coffeehouse, which is also an exclusive chain to Boston with 6 different locations in the near area. Pavement has the classic coffee shop vibe with baked goods and specialty bagels. Below is a vanilla soy latte and a plain soy latte as well as a pistachio muffin. The lattes were rich and smooth with art on top to finish. An all around a great way to start the morning.


After the graduation ceremony we headed back to Boylston Street to celebrate with lunch and dessert at Max Brenner’s. Max Brenner’s is a whimsical yet comforting dining experience that specializes in chocolate creations, making it well known with its chocolate store seen upon entry, as well as an entire menu strictly devoted to chocolate and dessert. For dessert I ordered the Halva milkshake which was a heavenly combination of sweet and salty. Made with vanilla ice cream, tahini, and toffee syrup all served in this playful “Drink Me” glass. Alongside the milkshake we ordered fondue for the table, which was a lusciously creamy milk chocolate dipping sauce served with various homemade chocolate crunch candy bars, fruit, marshmallows, brownies, and a sugar waffle. No one left Max Brenner’s with an aching sweet tooth as everyone’s chocolate dreams had been fulfilled.



Being incredibly stuffed from lunch at Max Brenner’s I decided it was best I have something on the lighter side for dinner at Joe’s. For that lighter dinner I ordered a roasted beet and lemon ricotta salad pictured below. This salad was absolutely stunning from the bright colors of beets with tangy goat cheese layered in between. All of this was served on a bed of lemon infused ricotta with a pile of lightly dressed frisee on the side. This dish was the perfect combination of flavors and textures while being so visually appealing. Joe’s is the epitome of a modernized Boston restaurant, where the old and new come together seamlessly. The dining area is underground and filled with dark wood giving a cozy feel, yet edges finished with sharp angled glass provide a modern taste. It’s the perfect meeting of new and old Boston in its presentation and cuisine.



For our last meal of the weekend we decided on the Back Bay Social Club for a Mother’s Day brunch. The building was antique and charming while the food was anything but antique. For myself I ordered the Southwest Scramble which was a layer of crispy roasted potato wedges, perfectly scrambled eggs topped with a creamy guacamole and a peppery gravy. But the star of the show was the cinnamon bun with a flakey butter outside and a gooey, sugary inside served on a bed of warm caramel sauce. This bun was one of a kind and absolutely to die for. I would buy a retuning flight to Boston just to have that sticky caramel bun at Back Bay Social Club one more time.


Not only is the city of Boston well recognized for its charming appeal and history, but it should also be recognized for its outstanding food scene that combines both classic and innovative approaches to cuisine. So next time you’re in Boston, look a little deeper before you order just a bowl of clam chowder and a Boston cream pie for dessert, you might find something just as classic but with an innovative twist.