Grace Esler

Antique Taco

Grace Esler
Antique Taco

If you’re looking for a fun, funky, and fast taco joint, then look no further because Antique Taco has got you covered. With 3 locations in Wicker Park, Bridgeport, and the Loop, you’ll be sure to find one near you. A casual, eat-and-go, dining experience that puts a quirky twist on tacos, will leave feeling satisfied and wanting to come back for more. A great spot for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner date, Antique Taco is sure to become your new taco hot spot.


Start your meal off with chips and guac… no questions asked. The guac is ridiculously creamy and luscious that you might even need to get two orders of it. Don’t skip out on the salsa either. They serve their two hot sauces at a side table and you should be putting them on everything. One sauce is more of a mild tomato-based salsa and the other is a sweet and spicy habanero sauce. Both are equally as good and will amp up anything you put them on. Another great starter to the meal is the Antique Taco Salad (ask for no queso if you’re going vegan!). A light and flavor packed kale salad will make you forget you’re eating healthy because it’s really just that tasty.



Onto the most important part, the utmost reason you’re here… the tacos.


There are two vegetarian tacos on the menu, the Market Mushroom and the Potato & Poblano, each of which can be made vegan upon request. These tacos are some of the best I’ve had in Chicago, so if you can’t make up your mind, just ask the nice people at Antique to do one of each in an order (they’ll be happy to do so!).



The Market Mushroom tacos are for the veggie lover in you. Stuffed into their handmade tortillas are River Valley mushrooms, red chile adobo, kale, crèma, pink onions, and queso (again, these can be vegan upon request!). This taco is the perfect harmony of earthy, spicy, and bright flavors.



My personal favorite tacos are the Potato & Poblano (only at select locations). Filled with Iron Creek Farm potatoes, tres queso, chipotle crema, scallions, and crispy potato skins, these tacos are literal potato heaven. The different textures and flavors in this taco will make you wonder why you didn’t always put potatoes in your tacos. These babies are a real winner.


Whether you’re eating alone, stopping for a quick lunch break, or going out to dinner with friends, Antique Taco is always a place to keep on your radar. With a quirky, laid back environment, Antique Taco is taking an innovative spin on your classic tacos that are so good they’ll be sure to keep you coming back.